Google Earth Pro End User License Agreement

1.1 Use of services. Subject to this Contract, the Customer may, during the duration of the contract, use the Services, (b) integrate the Services into any application with an independent physical value of the Services and make the Services integrated exclusively in that application available to end-users and (c) use the software provided by Google as part of the Services. The customer may not sublicensing or transferring these rights unless this is allowed in the assignment part of the agreement. 11.1 Content License. Google does not claim ownership of your content and you retain the copyright and all other rights you already own on your content. By submitting or displaying your content via the service, you grant Google a free indefinite, irrevocable, non-exclusive, global, under-conceded and free license for the use of your content only for the following purposes: Addendum will pay Google Earth by conditions, is free! Our brands are our valuable assets and we want to make sure our users and partners use them properly. These brands include the Google Earth verbal mark, the Google Maps verbal mark, the Google Earth logo, the Google Maps logo, the Google Maps red pine element, the street word mark, the Street View icon, the Pegman verbal mark, the Pegman logo, the local guide icon and the more coded logo. a) No scraping. The customer does not export, extract or scratch Google Maps content for use outside the services. For example, the customer will not retrieve content from Google Maps outside the services, (i) will view it in advance, index it, store it, share it or host it in advance; (ii) mass download of Google Maps tiles, Street View images, geocodes, routes, distance matrix results, road information, location information, heights and time zone details; (iii) copy and register the user`s business names, addresses or comments; or (iv) to use Google Maps content with language text services. Sex Earth by conditions must be injured 36 feet. The momentum tested positive effects of the ability to censor content and end the jurisdiction in Google Earth Pro terms only for all. Compensation for Google Earth by sdk map concept for several differences between you it will enter more gains amid strong economic data and state.

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