Study Inn License Agreement

If you want to watch live TV, live streaming or BBC iPlayer, you need to buy a TV license, whether you are watching these programs on your TV, tablet or smartphone. If you only use your TV for games, Netflix or Amazon streaming, you don`t need a TV license. If you move prematurely, a refund is charged from the day a new student moves into your room. Please note that a fee of £50 is charged for the amendment of the licence agreement. We would like to warn you about the lack of email security and therefore advise you not to send us confidential information by email unless you are using an encryption program. Otherwise, you can use regular mail, fax, or an authorized courier service. If you send us information by e-mail, we will consider this as your consent to communicate with you by e-mail on this matter. Whether you`re studying a few cities from home or shooting across the country, your first adventure away from home is definitely a time you should remember. Of course. We are always open to new ideas to improve our service and send surveys to all guests during their stay.

You can also visit your center manager or contact at any time to make a proposal. Your landlord will expect a lot from you, but you have the right to have your expectations too, and the condition of the property is definitely at the top of the list. Even if it seems unlikely, make sure your agreement covers absolutely everything from rodents to hurricanes. This protects you completely and you are much less likely to face unexpected costs. Yes. All rooms are equipped with a TV, please note that although we provide TV, you must purchase your own TV license for the duration of your stay. Yes. As long as there is availability, you can stay at any Study Inn center. If you need help, please contact us. The Centre`s teams are here to make your stay excellent, but if you need additional help, please contact us. We will not use or disclose your email address for marketing purposes unless you have agreed that we may use or disclose it in this way. You can unsubscribe from receiving further emails at any time by registering your preference here.

In accordance with UK law, smoking is not permitted indoors. However, they may smoke outside in designated smoking areas. Have questions, we have the answers! To guide you through your booking and the questions you may have about life at the Study Inn, below you will find questions and answers regarding reservations, living with us, Do`s and Don`s, cancellations and more. Study Inn strives to ensure that all market forecasts we offer are always correct and well researched, but we ultimately cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information and cannot be held responsible for the reliance you place on or bet on it, unless this has been agreed in writing with us. . . .

Please direct requests and inquiries to Guarachi Wine Partners, 22837 Ventura Blvd, 3rd Floor, Woodland Hills, CA 91364 or call 818-225-5100