Tg Agreement

The experts agreed on the current lack of these testing and training capacities in the EU and that a special report would be an important step towards improving/creating these capacities. TG has agreed to write such a report, which will study the subject from different angles, including the state of the art, the sketch of an ideal test facility, crime scene management, etc. A final report is expected within about one year. On 15 October 2015, the JRC, in agreement with the consortium, submitted to IEC/TC 45 a proposal for new tasks, accompanied by a preliminary draft for the development of the new standard. The proposal was adopted by the IEC/TC 45 National Committees. This SERVICE AGREEMENT (the “Service Agreement”) sets forth your agreement with T.V. Service, Inc., d/b/a/ TVS Cable, P.-O. BOX 1410, HINDMAN, KY 41822 (hereinafter “Cable TVS” or “CABLENet TVS”) or Thacker-Grigsby Telephone Company, Inc., P.-O. BOX 789 HINDMAN, KY 41822 and (hereinafter “Thacker Grigsby”) for one or more of the following services: cable television service, Internet access/transmission service (“Internet service”), Vo Over Internet Protocol (“VOIP”) telephony service and/or digital cable video service (together “service” or “services”), when it comes to your use of the services in your residence or registered office. In this agreement, TVS Cable, TVS CableNet and Thacker Grigsby are also referred to as “we”, “us” or “company”, and you are also referred to as “you”, “your” or “customer”. If you subscribe to a service covered in whole or in part by a submitted rate, the terms of use are also subject to the terms of the rate. In the event of an objection between the tariff and this service contract, priority is given to the conditions of the tariff. Service Agreement: We agree to provide you with one or more of our services in your residence or registered office, and you agree to accept us.

By ordering and using the Services, you and all members of your household and their customers or collaborators agree to be bound by the Services and you are obligated to use the Services in and in accordance with the terms and provisions of this Service Agreement and all applicable rates. . . .

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