Thailand Prenuptial Agreement Example

Section 1466. The pre-marriage agreement is invalid if it is not registered in the marriage register at the time of marriage registration; or, if unwritten and signed by both spouses and at least two witnesses and registered in the marriage register at the time of marriage registration, that pre-marriage is thus annexed if the couple meets the above requirements, then in principle a valid marriage contract is established in accordance with Thai law. All abusive clauses in marriage or conditions considered under Thailand`s rightful character law are null and void. Any clause in the contract that states that the relationship between a man and a woman must be governed by foreign law with respect to marital property is also non-applicable. We also mentioned an example or a case study that will make you understand more and that will accompany you in the proper preparation of the agreement. In addition, in Thailand, some of the strict due process requirements that are met by many Western jurisdictions are missing. Many Western jurisdictions require spouses to have separate lawyers, for agreements to be “fair and reasonable” and for there to be a “cooling time” between the date of signing the pre-marriage contract and the date of marriage. Western jurisdictions may also require disclosure of assets by any potential spouse to another (based on the theory, you cannot forego an interest in an asset you do not know). However, Thai law does not require guarantees for formal procedures. Our law firm specializes in family law such as marriage, marriage and divorce in Thailand with our experienced foreign lawyers and Thai lawyers, lawyers and lawyers who can establish marital arrangements tailored to your specific needs. They cannot agree on other issues such as detention, divorce, etc. According to the Thai Civil and Commercial Code, there are several requirements for signing a marriage contract in Thailand: Thailand`s preliminary contract or “Thai prenup” is a written contract drawn up by two people before their marriage. A Thai prenup usually lists all the real estate each person owns (as well as all debts) and indicates each person`s property rights after marriage.

In some legal systems, a conjugal agreement is called a “pre-marital agreement” or, in current terminology, “premarital agreement.” THAI CITIZENS: Thailand suptial agreement is valid and enforceable under Thai Law Section 1465. If the husband and wife have not reached a special agreement on their pre-marriage arrangements, the relationship between them is governed by the provisions of this chapter with respect to their obtaining relationships. UK CITIZENS: Pre-marriage agreements are not recognised by UK law.

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