The Written Agreement Between A Corporation And Its Bondholders Might Contain A Prohibition

The share capital of a capital company must be paid at the level and at the times that the directors may require. The Directors may from time to time require, for each share of shares not fully paid,” the payment of such amount of money as the transactions of the Transaction may require at the discretion of the Board of Directors, up to the total unpaid balance for those shares, and the amount so claimed shall be paid to the Corporation at the times and in instalments; which the directors must order. The directors shall communicate in writing the date and place of such payments and send them at least 30 days before the date of payment (3) If the company does not have share capital, the management body shall adopt a decision indicating the proposed amendment and declaring it advised. If, at a subsequent meeting, with an indication of its subject, not earlier than fifteen days and not later than 60 tones of the meeting at which the decision was taken, if this amendment is approved by a majority of all the members of the management body, a certificate shall be issued; are recognised, submitted, registered and effective in accordance with Section 103 of this Title. . . .

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